How To Install Themes To The LG Viewty.

Thanks goes to TheManTheMyth for making NOOB Guide and Laouer for Cyl Themes.

Ok first things  first, you will need to download EFS to do all of the above, find that here and an alternative version here (use this one if your pc flags the first one as a virus)
You can find firmware versions here, here or in the WIKI

First, on your pc's desktop, create a new folder by right clicking in an empty space and choose new - folder, name this LGAPP or something that you will remember.

Now open the EFS program, but don't connect your phone yet. You will see a large empty screen with an "explore" button on the top bar, press this.

A smaller empty box will open in the middle, click cancel on this one.

You will notice that the screen is now split into 4 sections. In the bottom half is your Pc's files, the top half will show your phones files once we are connected.

In the bottom left section, find your desktop where you saved the new folder that you named before. Open the desktop folder and then open the newly named folder, the bottom right section should be empty.

Now, put your phone into "Data mode" by going to Settings-Phone settings-Connectivity-USB connection mode-Data mode. Return to the home screen.

Now on EFS close the first window so you are back to the empty screen with the explore button at the top. Click "explore" again, the small empty box will reappear.

Now when you connect your phone you will have about 3 seconds to tick the box that appears in the top left of the small box and then hit connect in the bottom right of the small box. If a warning appears and says something about a port, just disconnect and reconnect your phone.

Once connected you will see your phones files in the top half of the screen.

Make sure that the bottom half is still showing the folder you named earlier.

In the top half, right click LGAPP and click re-name, LGAPP(text) should turn blue. Now type TOTO and click in an empty space until it is no longer blue

Right click TOTO and choose refresh. This enables you to copy the protected files in your phone


Your phone will disconnect itself

You will get a yellow screen don't panic, just reconnect

You will notice that a "ghost" LGAPP folder has appeared, ignore it

Now right click on TOTO and choose "read", after a few seconds your files will start to copy to your pc, this will take about 40 minutes, so sit back, go watch tv or something just don't turn off your pc or your phone, in fact, don't touch either.

Once this has finished you will have a copy of your own firmware backed up. Save this at all costs, put it on a memory stick or something.

In the top left section scroll all the way to the top and click the folder with no name (very top one) you should now see TOTO again in the top right section.

Right click on TOTO and rename back to LGAPP, then right click and refresh again.

Now click on "Disconnect" on the middle bar and choose "yes" from the pop-up. Your phone will now reboot. Thats it your done.

Now follow how to install CYL Themes by Laouer.

V 0.6.1 ,V 0.6.5 and CYL Manager

what's this
it's a new theme and dialpads manager, it is easy to install, to use and to custom.
it's integrated to a High Speed and modified NYX.
it stores the last used theme, dialpad and color settings for the reboot. no need to modify xml file.
it can be used on all basic themes (black, fish and silver)
and many other features

So, to install you will need:

CYL 0.6.1 zip

rename the Nyx_menu-HS.swf to your firmware's version for example

  • Nyx_Open_menu.swf for Open
  • Nyx_VDF_menu.swf for VDF
  • Nyx_Orange_menu.swf for Orange
  • ...

also you will need (for optimization replace the them_bgX.swf in /LGAPP/media/swf/theme/ with those contained in the .zip)

and finally CYLThemes


  • Uninstall TM (copy theme_bgX.swf contained in in /LGAPP/media/swf/theme/)
  • Using EFS builder, copy the files in (fr.xml, en-uk.xml, shortCut.swf, Dialpad.swf, DefDialpad.swf and the renamed Nyx)in/LGAPP/media/swf/
  • Place the CYLThemes folder at the root of the memory card, the folder must contains themeList.xml and folders for each theme.
  • if you use another language (than english or french let me know I will upload xml for specific language
  • reboot the viewty, it's done.

How to Use

  • Double press "C" or menu-->application-->C.Y.L to launch the CYL manager
  • Select and validate the desired theme (longtouch also apply the theme, and the camera wheel slide up and down the list)
  • Same actions for the dialpad selection

replace the dialpads in CYLThemes/dialpads/ with MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
now you can use all the proposed dialpads on all the basic themes (black, silver or fish)

The update 0.6.5 is released (copy, after renaming the Nyx, the file and the Dialpad.swf )

Changelog 0.6.5

  • corrections of minor bugs
  • with 0.6.1, more you install themes more the speed decrease
  • you have now a real High speed Nyx
  • lthe speed is totally independant from installed themes and dialpads
  • the fps counter is moved between bluetooth and alarme icon (at the top bar) you have now a real fps of the activ theme
  • compatibility with HTC Joe13's theme

How to install themes 

    CYL Manager

    This is a new program to easly install themes from offline or online location, remove, and modify the themes and dialpads for CYL

    Install the software, connect your KU990 in USB mass storage mode and select the SD/CYLThemes/Themelist.xml and that's all

    No need to modify xml file by hand.

    Installing from local folder:
    to install a new theme all you have to do is to choose the theme folder on your PC, the principal swf file and the program will copy them in the right directory and add the informations to the xml file.

    Installing from CYLManager server:
    - Goto online installation
    - connect to server
    - select the theme or the dialpad
    - select download and install
    it's done

    You can also use it as a CYL emulator, to preview and interact with the added theme from local or from server

    Download program
    CYLManager v0.1.0.3
    normally the installer will search for the missing packages so if you have some problem, download the last packages manually
    Installer 3.1
    FrameWork .net 3.5

    you may also need to install the flashplayer active x for IE
    it's compatible with XP and Vista

    changelog v0.1.0.3:
    - Visualise themes and dialpad from CYLManager server
    - Install directly or download themes and dialpads from CYLManager server
    - free themes and dialpad sorting (ctrl+ left click + move) ( you must select non sorting before)

    - Beta Zone Tester (private and acces with login)
    - managing different languages (for the moment only english and french
    - if you want another language you have to translate this file give-it a name and placeit in C:\Program Files\VMC\CYLManager\Languages\
    - configuration to change server adress (thanks to Utopie making her server available for viewty users)
    - the installed themes and dialpads are installed at the begining of the list
    - Some other little stuff.
    - The maximum if bugs fixed
    if you have a problem loading the xml file go in to it and erase the comment lines in the xml starting with (<!--- blalbla -->)


    Different xml
    Download your corresponding xml file

  • replace the Nyx, shortcut.swf, Dialpad.swf,fr.xml or en-KU.xml with the original files
  • restore the original theme_bgX.swf in /LGAPP/media/swf/theme/
  • delete DefDialpad.swf
  • delete le CYLThemes folder from the memory card  

 Enjoy your new themes.

Installing theme as a standalone

You have to rename your theme.swf to theme_bgX.swf (X is the theme number so if you want black then change it to 1)then copy theme_bgX.swf and any folders it needs to lgapp/media/swf/theme/X then restarted the phone.

Make sure you have your wallpaper Disabled(off).