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This is where you can download themes for your LG Viewty (KU990) and other phones because they are so viewtyful..:D

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Space Commando Platton The Game is available for download now.

The theme on the site has been changed to a more professional look,hope you like it.One word comes to mind...WP7..

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Other phones page is added now so this site is not just for the Viewty.

Mskip's Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows Mobile 6/6.5


This is one of the best theme you can get(better than throttlelauncher's theme)...This is a must download..Thanks Mark.

                                            (All links here are working NOW, It hosted on Dropbox,if you have a problem email us.) 

                                                                                      You can download all versions here

                                                                                             Download SPB Mobile Shell 

                        More info on the theme 

Install Procedure:

1. Install ProPlus Windows Phone 7 Theme on a fresh install of Spb Mobile Shell v3.5.5 to DEVICE MEMORY

2. After installation completes, soft reset your device3. Job done. Congratulations you have now expanded the potential of Mobile Shell.

Only install the version that works for your phone,QVGA,WQVGA,VGA,WVGA.

Install WVGA on VGA only if you are using the VGA Update.  

Installing VGA Update for WVGA V4.0 only:

WARNING - THE CAB FILE COPIES OVER YOUR ORIGINAL REG LAYOUT FILE.Install all to DEVICE MEMORY ONLY(THIS WILL NOT WORK ON SDCARD)Install spb mobile shell 3.5,install MSkip-ProPlus_WP7_V4.0_WVGA_20110326,install MSkip_V4_WP7_VGA_Update2_for_MSkip-ProPlus_WP7_V4.0_WVGA_20110326 then goto MSkip Tools in program files and press restore layout,press original layout then yes,ok and you now have MSkip-ProPlus WP7 V4.0 VGA versionSPB shell will restart...done.

Windows Phone 7 Theme for KU990

This is a theme I made a while ago.A lot of you have been asking for it so here it is...Enjoy..

(Picture may very on version)


TouchFlo 2D Manilla for WM6.1

A 2D remake of TouchFlo3D. Manilla2D (M2D) Disables any and all other Homescreen Plugins, just so you know. If Weather Graphics are missing, you are still using an older test Cab without all the graphics. 

Verified Devices:
etc list needs updating.

Note: To get YouTube to work you must install this .cab below
HTC YouTube cab



TouchFlo 2D Manilla For Ku990

HTC TD Theme developped by Joe Earl,CIBY Configuration Pack on PC by ADC

This is one of Joe's best themes he's made, sadly he don't make themes no more.


iPhoney 2.1

This version is based on the iPhone 4

Weather Update Service

Terms and Conditions

   See the included license for terms and conditions.
   The following URL can be used to download new weather data.


The weather.txt file is in \iPhoney_files\components.

                                                          iPhoney Resoures folder added


Green Dimension Theme

This is letterdisser first theme and what a great job he has done too,Shame its the only one he as made..:(

This is not based on any phone. 


Manila Touchflo 3D theme

Well here is the HD2 Touchflo theme I made from the one for the LG cookie.


Theme Core 1.2 (Viewty Ultimate And Iphone)

Theme core by Seto.You have the 2 themes and the theme core.


                     Download Viewty Ultimate                                               Download Iphone         

                                                                 Download Theme Core 1.2    

vTouch Diamond English Edition

Made by marc22 and néo (for actionscrypt),translated by Spanner..enjoy


WindowsViewty Hawaii

The core theme are not my own , i do just icons , and all background ( moving sky , moving boat and worm and flag ) all add shortcuts are mine too (and 3 default icons from autor) u can see orginal theme on uk.990 forum ;) The orginal theme was made by DaveOrNoDave.



Samsung Tocco vTocca Theme

A theme based off the new Samsung F480 (Tocco) Touchwiz interface by Joe Earl.This one has the background set to transparant so you can use your pictures from my Images folder.


Android G1 Theme

 This theme is based on the old HTC G1 Android Phone.

All the credits goes to "clyjqq" from 52lg.com for making this theme!
Theme translated into English by ursache!